Kentucky East 2020 Charge Conference Form - Appointment to an Extension Ministry

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(This form is to be filled out annually with a copy of current performance evaluation.)

Please list your business address below.

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*Present Appointment:
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*You are a member of which Annual Conference?
*Charge Conference Membership
Under Appointment Outside of Your Conference?

If you are under appointment outside the Conference of which you are a member, please complete the following:

Conference where you serve:
Bishop of that Conference:
District Superintendent:
Affiliate charge conference membership:
Base Compensation:

(Year _____________ ) $_____________

Utilities and Other Housing Related Allowances:
Travel Allowance:
Other Cash Allowances:
*Please Indicate Your Appointment Category:

(¶ 334.1, 2012 Book of Discipline)

Appointed within the connectional structure
Endorsed by the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry
In service with General Board of Global Ministries
Appointed to other valid approved extension ministry


*Appointment Request:
RETURN - I would like the Bishop to reappoint me to my present appointment.
MOVE - I would like a change of appointment.
EITHER - I am open to being moved to a new appointment or returned to this appointment.
N/A - not applicable.
*Would you like to discuss this appointment request with the superintendent?


Brief Narrative

In the space below, please provide a brief narrative of your ministry during the past year including a description of your annual evaluation or, if this is in a separate file, upload that file using the link in the next question.

Upload files:

Upload any files that relate to a brief narrative of your ministry during the past year including a description of your annual evaluation and/or evidence of your continuing education and spiritual growth program and future plans. (¶ 334.2, 2012 Book of Discipline).

Attach file pdf, doc(x), xls(x), jpg/gif/png, ppt - up to 25 MB


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Send Copies to: 1) Bishop, 2) District Superintendent, 3) Board of Ordained Ministry, 4) Bishop of area in which you serve, if other than area of which you are a member, 5) Conference Secretary.


Copies of this report may also be used to inform the United Methodist Endorsing Agency and the Charge Conference(s) of which you are a member and an affiliate member in keeping with ¶ 335.3 a,b.

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Revised July 2020

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