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Contact Information
*First Name
*Last Name
Our Church's OMC Pledge
Yes, our church commits to remitting to the Conference the requested 11% of operating Income as approved by the Annual Conference, which equates to approximately $_________/year.

Please fill-in the amount below.

If your church is unable to commit to the requested 11%, please indicate below either a percentage of operating income or a dollar amount that is sustainable for your church.

What percentage of the operating income which equates to approximately how much in a dollar amount per year do you pledge to remit to the Conference?

Please fill-in the amounts below.

___________% = $_____________per year


What dollar amount of the operating income (either monthly or annually) do you pledge to remit to the Conference as approved by vote of this Charge Conference?

Please fill-in the amount below along with indicating if this is amount is given monthly or annually.

Example:  $100 Monthly

*If your church is not at 11%, are you working towards 11%?
District Apportionments Reports
*Projection for the year 2020
*Dollar Amount Given to date (2019)
*Dollar Amount Given in 2018
*Fund Balances as of___________________________

Enter the date of the Charge Conference.

*General Fund
*Missions Fund
*Building Fund
*Trustees Fund
Other Fund

Enter the name of the Fund as well as the amount.

Other Fund

Enter the name of the Fund as well as the amount.

Other Fund

Enter the name of the Fund as well as the amount.

*Total Amount of all Funds

Please fill-in amount below.

*How often are the financial reports presented to the Board/Council?
*Have the books of the church finances been audited in the past year?
Better Resource the Local Church

In order to better resource the local church, please answer the following questions:

*Does your church prepare an annual budget?
*Does your church have an annual stewardship campaign?
*Does your church use pledge cards?
*What has been the trend over the past three years regarding operating results?
*Has the church been operating in a surplus (more revenue than expenses) or a deficit (more expenses than revenue)?
surplus (more revenue than expenses)
deficit (more expenses than revenue)
*Has the church had to use an endowment fund to supplement operating income?
*Please indicate which (if any) of the UMC Special Sunday offerings your church participates in.

Please select all that apply.

World Communion
UMCOR Sunday
Peace with Justice
Native American
Human Relations Day
UM Student Day
5th Sunday
Have a Heart for Seniors
Camp Sunday
VIM Sunday
We do not participate in any of the UMC Special Sunday offerings
*Does your church use online giving?
*Is your church interested in remitting OMC payments online?
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Revised July 2019

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